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any S&W J-frame, but HAMMERLESS!!!!! Carry it in your pocket with a thin leather type holster to keep holes from forming in your pocket.

Also, I carry a 5-shot speedy loader on my Sam Browne too for my S&W model 642 airweight. (...that is when I am forced to wear a Sam Browne nowa days....).

A revolver can take so much more abuse than any semi auto carried in a pocket. A revolver doensn't need oil like a semi auto does. A revolver wont stop working due to pocket lint and body sweat that has accumulated dirt throughout the gun. Small semi autos are more prone to FTF's when covered in filth from being in a pocket every day.

For a revolver, if the bullet fails to fire and your primary hand is injured, your back up hand can simply pull the trigger on the wheel gun until a bullet goes bang. With a semi auto, you may need two hands to clear a malfunction/jam.

Again, for a BUG, a revolver is best. You can't beat the J-frames airweight models.

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