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Originally Posted by ExtremeX View Post
I like the 2.5-10 PST from a size and magnification range for the SPR, but I passed over it for a couple reasons… If vortex added a FFP option and a side parallax adjustment to that scope, or even JUST side parallax adjustment I think it would be one of the best / affordable options out there… You don’t see many 2-5-10x type options until you start shopping for the real expensive stuff, USO makes one of my favorite in that type of mag range.
Yeah, that's the same reason I'm kind of hesitating to get one. I can live without the FFP, but I'd really like a side parallax adjustment. Supposedly not needed on scopes less than 10X, but I've noticed the effects of parallax personally on scopes @ 10X.

Sadly, even stepping up to something like the Nightforce 2.5-10x32 still doesn't get you a side parallax adjustment. The SWFA 3-9X42 FFP was another option I've been looking into, I just have a hard time getting over how large that scope is for a 3-9 power. I may end up going with a Bushnell 3-12X44 Elite Tactical with G2DMR. Hopefully by the time I've saved up the cash they might have an illuminated version available....
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