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Originally Posted by brando View Post
Nice! How do you like the PRI Delta Forearm?

Thanks! I'm pretty impressed with the PRI Delta so far, although I haven't really had a chance to shoot with it yet. It's extremely stout, especially considering the light weight. Ergonomics feel very similar to the wide HK forends, but a bit more radiused on the corners. Comparing it to standard round forends, it seems like the Delta allows better leverage to stabilize the rifle against heavier optics.

The top rail on the Delta attached directly to the forend, rather than bolting onto a seperate picatinny rail like the standard Gen III forend. Not sure if this saves any weight or not, but I like the reduced number of threaded fasteners which could potentially come loose. Keeping with that theme, I used a simple sling stud up forward rather than a picatinny rail + adapter to mount the bipod. Saves a little weight, and doesn't protrude off the forend quite as far when stowed.

I'm going to add some of the PRI QD sling cups to the sides up front, along with a Noveske flush mount QD cup on the bottom near the base of the forend. The QD mount at the rear of the forend will allow me to configure the sling off the front of the rifle like the old Enfield No 4 Mk. T sniper rifles, which had a sling swivel just ahead of the magazine. Ends up being a really stable method of shooting from unsupported positions.
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