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I actually agree with PSA 100%. It's your fault you didn't take the time to read the contract that you were entering in while placing an order with PSA. I understand why you're upset, and I understand that other businesses out there have no issue in changing an order before it ships. But, that's how PSA does business, and if you're in a rush to "buy now!" on a bulk ammo deal, you may want to read what you're getting yourself into. I do agree that CS not getting back to you "right away" is also an issue when it comes to your money, but you have to realize how many thousands if not more orders they go through a day. Someone's bound to miss an email here or there, we're only human man. I think coming off as a hot headed consumer who didn't get his way, when you messed up- I don't think is fair to the good people at PSA.

I've ordered 12+ orders from PSA, and never had one issue-aside from slow shipping, but when I bought the uppers, I knew what I was getting myself into.

PSA and the guys over there having always been good to me, and my friends, I just think if you would of articulated things differently, and read up before clicking "SUBMIT ORDER." You wouldn't be in this mess.

Happy shooting.
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