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Originally Posted by badandy View Post
I've never been there... but how about this....

Ione Steakhouse
(209) 274-6366
25 W Main Street
Ione, CA 95640
Not gonna eat after, gotta save up.
Originally Posted by hoffmang View Post
Anyone not voting Brown is putting other things above gun rights.
Whitman + Cooley or Harris = a rash of gun control California has never seen the likes of.
Originally Posted by hoffmang View Post
If you're not voting why are you even opining?
Brown has a track record of not bowing to Dem pressure on guns.
Originally Posted by fighterpilot562 View Post
Well if it makes you feel better, I also support the KKK, NeoNazis, WestBoro, Skins, and any other groups right to assemble
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