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Originally Posted by Addax View Post
Let Kaligaran know who your ffl is, so that can be updated in the Group Buy spread sheet.

When the lower receiver is ready to ship, we will contact you and request your ffl send us a copy of their ffl license.

Thank you,
He did. Golden State Tactical. Hopefully you have contacted the FFL prior to selecting them to get info from them on their fees and confirm that the FFL will accept the transfer (we specify to contact the FFL first in the group buy main post).

Most of the questions being asked are answered both in the group buy main post and in the order confirmation PM. I'm going to include the copy of the PM that I'm sending out to everyone below once I enter their order.

Please make sure you are reading all correspondence from us on this group buy.

Thank you for your order and your support of CGF in the Addax/CGF lower receiver group buy. Your order has been logged.

Shipping: YES/NO
Insurance: YES/NO
Engraving: YES/NO

Please only respond to this message if the above information is incorrect. Thank you!

Purchase Price:
Total Price:

DROS will be paid in person at the FFL you specified when the lowers are ready as well as any transfer fees (FFL specific) if shipping.

Payment must be received by Addax in full by 11/5/12. If not received by this date your order will be invalidated.

If engraving, you will handle that fee separately based on your request after you have spoken with the engraver with the details. The above amount is still due by the deadline to secure your lowers for the group buy.

By Mail: Money order or cashier's check ONLY. Consider using some sort of tracking/delivery confirmation for your payment.
In Person: Cash accepted at Addax's retail location only.

Payment must be received IN FULL by Addax by the deadline date of 11/5/12 at the following address:
Addax Tactical
1431 Truman Street
Unit E
San Fernando, CA 91340

You will receive an official invoice from Addax within 5 business days of payment receipt that will include your official order number.

We will update the group buy thread periodically HERE.

Thank you,

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