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Hey guys just wanted to introduce myself, just spent the last couple days reading through this entire thread and it seems like people are very helpful in here, nice to see!

My background: I'm 22 (turning 23 this month) (not sure if age is held against you in cases like this?) I've lived in Lincoln CA my entire life and I've been running my own marketing consulting business for the last 5 years. I shot my first pistol at 5 years old (my moms Bryco Arms .380) and bought my first .22 on my 18th birthday. I am by no means incredibly knowledgeable when it comes to guns but I can hold my ground. The reason I want my CCW is because my business requires that I meet business owners (who I've only spoken to on the phone) usually at their place of business and usually in some of the more interesting parts of Placer and Sac county. I also dress well for these meetings AND carry over $4k worth of laptops and various other electronic fun stuff. I just recently had a meeting with a Catering company off of Arden and was followed through the parking lot by a very "friendly" homeless man. Me and my girlfriend also go camping and hiking quite often, but from what I've been reading in here that will not really effect anything in the counties opinion. Now my personal belief is you should be allowed to open or concealed carry whatever and whenever but obviously that's not the case SO I'm taking the necessary steps to protect myself.

I was a member of Civil Air Patrol in Auburn CA (not sure if that matters but thought I'd mention it) and my only run in with the law have been:

a 15mph speeding ticket in Texas just over 2 years ago (I was going 80mph in a 65mph zone, first time I've ever seen a "after dark" speed change) (do they even count if they're in another state?)

A minor car crash on HWY 65 about 4 years ago (I'll have to go and check on the exact date). Police were NOT called but it was reported to the insurance and it was my fault.

and probably the worst I was busted going 95mph on HWY 80 between Loomis and Newcastle back when I was 18 (just slightly over 5 years ago).

Thats it.

I'm still not entirely sure of the process yet or how long/how tough Placer County is right now but so far what do you guys think the odds are of me actually getting the green light?

Thanks in advance
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