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Originally Posted by ElToro View Post
in high school ( late 80s early 90s) i was into paintball. i used to play outdoors in the santa cruz mountains. i had 1 set of woodland cammies just because. i never in a million years even then in my youthful idiocy would i have thought to put rank or unit pins/patches on. only thing i had was a US flag on 1 shoulder. I dont have a problem with Airsofters wearing just cammo clothes. but putting rank and unit patches on is lame.

Now my hunting gear consists of some good boots and some duck cloth Carhartt pants and bib overalls and a real tree cammo jacket or bird vest depending on weather and game.

these posers who are walking around in full dress uniform who are fake should rightly be outed and shamed.
I agree. paintballer from 1996-2008, the cammies i used had air force stripes but no one would confuse a 16 yr old kid as a tech sgt & it never entered into my mind to be a poser.
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