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Originally Posted by OGKRacing View Post
Stupid question??? Common sense?? I'm an apprentice and journeyman always say that there arent any stupid questions coming from an apprentice or someone that doesnt have much knowledge in any particular field. To someone that's been there and done that its common sense. Duh!
He's asking because he doesnt know this! And neither would have i for that matter. instead of belittling his question and knowledge,I think as you guys being experienced calgunners you would want to give him better answers so he does make the right decisionwhen the situation arises.
Shouldn't you be out looking for the skyhook?

Journeymen do their fair share of razzing the newbs.... so don't go there son.
Originally Posted by Alan Gura
The Second Amendment now applies to state and local governments. Our lawsuit is a reminder to state and local bureaucrats that we have a Bill of Rights in this country, not a Bill of Needs
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12050[CCW] licenses will be shall issue soon.

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Ignorance of the law is no excuse……..except for police.
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