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Originally Posted by BonnieB View Post
You are welcome here, Quickshift. Everyone is, who is civil. But some of us are younger, some older, some really ancient, like me. Some are rounder, not all are athletes, although some are. There are some who really do like pink, some like orange.

Congratulations on your body building successes. I agree everyone should try to be in the best shape possible. But one of the points of learning firearms is to level the playing field. We get enough attitude from the men.
They aren't that heavy. And with the new line of Moe goods, keeping it simple is even easier. A quick lower build coupled with say BCM's lightweight upper 14.5 or 16, does not weigh much if anything at all, the heavier barreled and railed uppers are harder for folks to use. But BCM and Daniel Defense LW offerings seem a good options for some.

And yes leveling a field IS good, but if one wants to tip in their favor, leveling is not enough, proper training with ones equipment is as essential as conditioning their own body, when not at the court house or police department, I also train others on the side. I have a 55yo mother of 5 thats going from 220 goaled to at least reach 150, after about a month of work shes down to 205. She aims to lose fat, and build muscle in place. She should easily reach that goal in a years time, minor increases in intensity.

And its not an attitude, just a statement, its never to late to change ones life style and become healthier. I've worked with a 60yo woman both in gym and on range, who has a healthy love for revolvers lol.

Older, Young, as I said, its never to late, if people have physical impairments that hinder their ability for intense work put in in terms of exercise, then one can work within limited means, when a person loses excess body fat, and strengthens up? Things that were difficult get much easier. I have 3 rugrats and trust me, I know what busy is. We have the Sema autoshow my hubs is prepare for at the end of the month, we have a few builds that will be on display during a private after party. And then Shot is coming up as well.

Besides other activities one must commit to, like social gatherings for work or family.

If it comes off as I am aggressive I apologize. But really its just an outlook I have, I've dealt with many many people who often say can't, often. Once they've dropped enough pounds and changed their lives around, they don't use that word as much. I've had people with no will power or drive, say can't. And the word "try" only counts for so much. They cave, go back to an unhealthy life style, and continue to use the words can't or I try.

In a fighting mindset, when you use your weapons systems for yourself, protection of others? You don't want an equalizer, you want a tip in scale for yourself. And those you are protecting. Lighter weight items are great, may help one move better. Less add on dodads on ones rifle and such may be beneficial as well. However a weapon shouldn't solely be a bridge gap for ones inadequacies. Especially when they can be fixed. Moe stuff may compliment others setups as they wish, color as is; everyone elses preference.

I didn't get work done at ATEi on my pistols, or stuff from apex, to equalize, they compliment an ever building, practiced skillset that makes me a better and more fluid combatant.

What do you do when say your Esee 5 is to thick in your hand? You drem and file the micarta till it fits your hands perfectly/comfortably.

One doesn't have to be an athlete or capable of those level feats. But like mentioned if conditioning ones body helps tip a scale in ones favor, while having the best kit and fire arms they can procure isn't that a good thing?

Lastly and again, if I come off a bit aggressive I do apologize for the coarseness, but unless someone is really disabled? There isn't an excuse for why someone doesn't better themselves, and increase their survivability in a natural disaster, or utilizing their kit complimented by their skillset and fitness level to increase the odds of their safety and those around them.

If others feel insulted, apologies. If others feel inspired to change their life style, or have already and this just pushes them further along to get to their goals. Thats good. Just saying if someone wishes to make effective use of what they buy, being properly trained, as well fit enough to combatively sustain or take action, is a good thing.
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