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Default Soft spot for older 22s...

I find myself developing a soft spot for older 22s---over the years, I have bought a small but useful collection of elderly 22s.
A pre-warning Ruger 10-22 Deluxe Sporter---a very nice rifle---had Dean Wikerson perform a trigger job as the orig trigger was VERY stiff---added a Volquartsen auto bolt release and an 60s olive green canvas sling (from a UZI Model A---bought a bunch of these for $1.50 each back in the 80s). This rifle shoots way good and also accepts the Bulter Creek 25 rd mags I bought before the ban kicked-in.
A old Browning take-down 22 auto---Belgium made with whats called a "Wheel sight" rear sight. Another real good shooter---very slim and lightweight.
I picked up a Remington Nylon 66 in used but excellent shape---looked almost new to replace my earlier 66 that I had traded a pocketknife for way back when. I must have shot a couple of hundred thousand rounds thru that little dog, but one of my shooting buddies had to have it when he moved to Texas a few years back---his wife could shoot nothing else so I had to let him have it. The "new" one shoots even better---its my wife's favorite gun.
My older handguns include a 1969 Walther PP 22 that thinks it is a target pistol and a little Colt "Peacemaker" 22lr/22Mag that is just so much fun to shoot.
My go to 22 pistol is a mid 80s SIG P210-2 9mm that is fitted with their factory 22 conversion kit---I like this so much that it hasn't worn the 9mm top-end in decades---superb shooter!
I find myself shooting a lot more 22lr these last few years---cheap and relaxing.
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