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Originally Posted by aplinker View Post
I've often thought a programmed set of questions to post in the firearms section would be helpful. An automated box of required questions (rifle or pistol, location of seller, willing to ship, price or trade only, C&R eligible (y/n/uncertain)). It would probably require each firearm to be in its own post within the thread.

Then, once these are answered, every new posting has a box that lists these. It would eliminate rule breaking and make it much easier for people to size up the situation.
This is genius! The location posted in the broken down with the selection of norcal and socal and then sub divided by counties. Such as first having to pick Socal then you would pick between counties such as LA County or San Bernardino. This would just allow it to be more specific

And like others have said already, dividing the firearm sales into sub threads by would be nice just for organization, although it kind of repeats what I said above.

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