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then theres this kid

GySgt Ableman was keen enough to spot this {fill in the blank} walking through the Reno Airport in full dress blues with gloves and cover on. He stopped him near the baggage claim and running into three Drill Instructors wasn't something this guy had anticipated.

If any of you know Gy Ableman, this kid was lucky to leave with all his teeth intact. From the get go, it was obvious this kid was not a Marine.
He claimed to be a PFC (wearing LCpl chevrons) and could not explain what a PFC chevron looked like and then couldn't explain the NCO stripe on his trousers. He had a collar emblem in the middle of his barracks cover and his belt was sticking out.

No ribbons or badges, his trousers were way too long, not to mention he had on Sketcher boots instead of dress shoes and a civilian belt. We found this out after we demanded that he take off the blouse and cover.

Turns out he bought the uniform from a surplus store and his Dad is a retired Navy Chief. Reno is a super-pro military area and this guy was soaking in the atta-boys. Lot of posers out there, watch out!


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