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Originally Posted by mcmikeblues7 View Post
there is a guy on youtube- iraqveteran8888. He has a video describing how many men automatically assume that women want pink guns, which is generally not true. What they do want is good looking guns, and pink guns just don't look good. If I remember properly he showed, what he thought, was a great female-marketed handgun, I think by kel-tec. It had gold scrolling on it, I thought it looked really cool.
After working in a gun store for a while, I've come to notice that it's a generational thing. Generally speaking, women who grew up in the 60's and 70's tend to stay away from pink, whereas younger women are less opposed to the idea of a pink gun (and pink accessories). That being said, the biggest issue is that many guys think that pink guns are silly and they won't take someone shooting a pink gun seriously (I suppose at least until the shooter proves their competence).

My biggest fear is that guns painted pink (or other garish colors) look too much like toys, and if they look like toys, then there's the risk that the person handling it will treat it as such, which is just the recipe for someone getting hurt.
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