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I posted this on another thread in here a month or two ago but it seemed appropriate in this thread too..

Sorry for the dup if any of you saw my last post:

I am of the opinion that many bad guys/oportunistic criminals will see a small woman as a vulnerable target due to size and strength so I do try to always be aware and able to not only avoid situations where something bad could happen but also to be able to properly defend myself should the need arise.

Back in 1998 I took a unisex self defense class taught by a SWAT team instructor for the city. A few things he harped on which I will never forget and have made a conscious effort to practice daily.

Most people are oblivious to their surroundings. When walking out of a grocery store or work or wherever watch people as they go and most likely you'll catch yourself making some of these same mistakes: Most are on the phone, looking down, fumbling for their keys, etc. Not really paying attention to the world around them.
Always make sweeping glances around and if you see someone, make brief eye contact. The instructor had told us that most potential attackers look for the oblivious victim to get the drop on them and by just making brief eye contact, it can dissuade a potential attacker because now you can identify them. I have never verified the validity of this claim but to me it makes sense. If you do any people watching, you really see that most people seem to be completely unaware.

Another thing I do is ALWAYS walk away from cars in parking lots and corners of walls, buildings, etc. My partner thinks it's fun to try to hide and jump out and scare me which he does on a regular basis for some reason. However, I know it's frustrating b/c 99.29% of the time he's spotted and the tactic fails. It doesn't make me jumpy at all and I don't mind b/c I feel that it's a good training exercise. If I'm ever caught off guard, that was a fail on my part.
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