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Originally Posted by vision1214 View Post
I stopped carrying a purse a long time ago. I put my DL, concealed license, credit cards, money and medical cards in my pocket......and my gun on my side. When I am loading my groceries, I have my back to the car and face the parking lot...putting one bag in a time and stop after each bag to look around. If anyone is watching, they know I am aware of my surroundings. The best defense, is a good offense....Forever known as D&O. Take nothing for granted even if you are in the best part of town

To Bonnie, if something doesn't feel right, ask for a security guard to escort you out to your car and wait for you to get inside and locked in the car! D&O
I can't sayi go to this extremes by any means, but I am very aware of my surroundings. I would find loading groceries with my back to the car difficult.

Being overly worried day to day, for me, would be exhausting. That being said, I don't shop at nights alone and I won't go into a mall parking lot alone at night.

Being aware is very smart and I work much harder these days at doing just that.

I don't expect everything handed to me. Just set it down anywhere. Unknown
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