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I am pretty aware of what is going on around me in parking lots but even I have been caught off guard in Target parking lot before. As is my habit, when I get in my car, the first thing I do is lock my doors. I've done this since I started driving 25+ yrs ago. Well one day I get in my car, lock my doors and look over my right shoulder to back out and as I start to back out someone slammed on my driver window. Startled the Hell out of me! I stopped and turned to look and there was a black guy glaring at me and motioning for me to roll down my window. I cracked it about an inch and he yelled at me "You locked your doors!!!" Ummm yeah? And he yells "It's because I'm black isn't it??" And starts slamming on my door. I laid on the horn and dialed 911 on my phone. It had nothing to do with him being black. He could have been purple, green, white or red and I still would have locked my door. He ran off and once I calmed down I talked to the police and drove home. This was before I was carrying but it startled me enough that it got me thinking. I am just glad my kids weren't with me. I don't want my kids to witness me being a victim ever and unfortunately it is just getting worse no matter where you are. I was relieved when Riley told me he did not want to trick or treat this year because it just isn't safe. He's going to help our neighbor with his haunted house. The little girl killed in CO this week just puts a point on it.
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