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Originally Posted by SDM44 View Post
Ok, just bought my gun from there and they said they could either sell me the display model or I can wait about 2-4 weeks for the next batch to come in and get a new one. I said I'd wait for the new batch since I can't DROS until Nov 30 or Dec 1 anyways.

I picked up the LC9 w/LaserMax they had on special, so I at least locked in that $349 sale price (only $410 OTD ).... normal 'sale' price I usually see in the weekly ads is $369 w/out laser and $429 w/laser. And since those always come in regularly, I can wait for the next batch and get a new & unmolested one (I'm not against a display model, but the grip on this one was a dirty & crusty along the seems from excessive handling).

They said they have no problem holding the gun until you're ready to DROS. They only asked that I paid for the gun in full within 30 days to secure it at that sale price.
I didn't think they were wanting the 60-90 day layaway anymore.

Glad it worked out!
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