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Hey MR, welcome to the forum....

Originally Posted by MotoriousRacing View Post
I got a few dozen rounds already stockpiled, my wife and kids could easily use it, etc.)

Please reply with your opinions, questions, or otherwise. Thanks much!
Now that right there is are going to need a LOT more than a few dozen rounds....maybe a few thousand rounds. It goes quicker than you might think as these lil guns are a blast to shoot...anyway, just my .02. Here is a pic of my recently finished Buckmark.
Originally Posted by Lone_Gunman View Post
American stormed the beaches of Normandy, not Europeans. Americans invented the airplane, personal computer, telephone, radio, TV, GPS, the DVR, automatic transmission, laser, and f'ing bubble gum. EUROPEANS DIDN"T. So until you asshats start providing the world with more innovation than Americans do how about you STFU about us?
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