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Originally Posted by Scuba Steve33 View Post
She's all yours!

Whenever we got air assets and the pilot was a chick it was the most amazing thing in the world. Hearing a woman's voice over the radio was awesome. I know we all imagined them looking like them haha.
LOL, that pic has been all over the Marine pages on Facebook.........

Taken from Marines Of Fallujah FB page.

Leedy here. I took down the picture of the landwhale wearing the United States Marine Corps uniform. I took this down because a member stating that he was representing her messaged the page with this....(I think it is bull**** that this picture should be taken down. It is her fault she is the fat ***** she is).

"Dear Admin of Marines of Fallujah,

I would like yall to know that I have spoken with this Marine and she is completely done with this. She is already taking legal action against the person who originally took and posted this picture. This is a violation of her privacy, cyber-harassment (yes its a thing all 50 States have laws against it here is the link since I know you wont believe me., a violation of HIPPA, and hazing (per MCO1700.28 . Hazing is defined as any conduct whereby one military member,
regardless of Service or rank, causes another military member,
regardless of Service or rank, to suffer or be exposed to an activity
which is cruel, abusive, humiliating, or oppressive. Hazing includes,
but is not limited to, any form of initiation or congratulatory act
that involves physically striking another to inflict pain, piercing
anotherís skin in any manner, verbally berating another, encouraging
another to excessively consume alcohol, or encouraging another to
engage in illegal, harmful, demeaning or dangerous acts. Soliciting
or coercing another to participate in any such activity is also
considered hazing. Hazing need not involve physical contact among or
between military members; it can be verbal or psychological in nature.
b. Hazing does not include mission or operational activities;
the requisite training to prepare for such missions or operations;
administrative corrective measures; extra military instruction as
defined in the reference; command authorized physical training;
authorized incentive training permitted at the Marine Corps Recruit
Depots; and other similar activities authorized by the chain of

The Marine has suggested to me that she will be taking legal action against EVERYONE who facilitates these acts by posting the picture or any edited versions of this image. She has taken to a 24 hour rule, meaning, 24 hours after some one representing her (me) contacts a site that is displaying the image she will begin the legal process. I recommend you take the photo down and close the topic for discussion by deleting any and all comments concerning this issue.

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