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Originally Posted by RMP91 View Post
Even the M9 sidearms?

If I recall, I read that military-issued M9s have a certain serial number prefix (and a couple of cosmetic differences, mainly the dust cover and sights) to differentiate them from civilian 92FSes. They don't have "Property of US Govt." on them.
all the M9s we deployed with were the non-railed variants ... so on the the frame it said Property of Us Gov't and the ones that didnt have it on the frame had it where the rail notch would be . It wasnt engraved but it had a QR code with a serial # , some other numer and a Gov't marking on it . It was a pretty heavy duty sticker of some sort

1)AR15 Aero Precision Skeletonized Lower
2)WW1 or WW2 era US Army 1911
Pre 1924 preferred (Not Arsenal Refinished)
3)S&W 686+ anything between 686 to 686-4
4)S&W M&p9 or 40 FRAME

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DV you are an attention whore. This thread sucked and so do 99% of your posts.
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