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Default Home Built AK Legal?


I had something happen today that bothers me for two reasons. One is because I believe I am right. The second reason is because if I am wrong, then I have to make it right.

This past weekend I had a friend help me with a home build AK. It took the whole day to complete the build. It started from a matching Yugoslavian M70b1 parts kit, and a receiver flat that I bought from The receiver isn't even finished yet, but still shiny steel. It has 6 U.S. made parts for 922r compliance, and a bullet button/mag lock device for California compliance, and of course I only had 10 round magazines. I took it out this morning to function test it. I had only fired about 40-60 rounds when I saw a BLM Park Ranger truck pull up and stop behind my truck.

Now I knew something was going to go wrong today when the Park Ranger pulled up and asked me if it was an "SKS". Now this is rifle I am holding up in my arms with the barrel pointing up, and the stock about waist level. In the magazine is a 10/30 round magazine, so it is full size and impossible to mistake for an SKS. He told me that the rifle was illegal and that he was going to have to confiscate it. I argued with him respectfully, and in the long run lost. He spent about 40 minutes looking on his laptop in his truck, before he finally said he was going to write it up and take it. He asked for my DL, and spent another 20 minutes in his truck, then got out and told me that he was going to give me a break and to take the rifle home and not bring it out again.

Is it illegal to build an AK at home from these parts kits?

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