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OP, I'm going to state the obvious... if you have a better method of running a retail store, start one. Period. Or submit your resume with cover letter explaining all the great ideas you have that will benefit Turners.

Turners in general is very successful... the stores I frequent don't have lot of employee turnover (that I've noticed)... these two things indicate they are doing something right.

It seems as thought you might be a disgruntled employee (if so, I'm sure there's another view - from the corporation regarding your situation)...

if none of the above is accurate/relevant, I really don't see the point in this thread.

Originally Posted by Noshida View Post

My point isn't to jump on the hate-Turner's-bandwagon
with all due respect, yes it is. You created a user name the day you posted this thread - and all three of your posts are here. You had an agenda.
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