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Originally Posted by impossibru View Post
Howdy everyone,

Just wanted to write about my first experience with Turner's.

Having just returned to California after separating from the USAF I decided I to get an AR. I've always been piqued by Turner's, even as a little kid, and after a great deal of research (not nearly as much as it turns out) I found the AR that I wanted was in stock at Turner's at the best price of all the SoCal stores. Went in, initiated the DROS, was good to go, pretty happy that I was able to do my first gun purchase at a place that I've always liked (or atleast I thought I did).

Later than night, after one more search with an extra keyword, found an online retailer that was $250 cheaper. Not happy...was told about restocking/cancellation fee and was just miserable after the fact. Next day, went in, manager had me by the balls and treated me like ****. I mean I understand now, to him I was just another ***hole customer weasling out of a sale, but I honestly would have been happy had I been able just to get store credit to get a safe or accessories or ammo. Nope, had to be towards gun purchase. I would have also been happy if he'd been able to atleast meet me halfway - nope, go f**k yourself (not verbally of course). I suppose I should count my blessings, atleast I was able to apply the deposit to purchase a shotgun (it was overpriced, but not $250 overpriced).

No, you do not need to remind me of my fault - I get it and own it now. But I just wanted to post my experience, and give Military/LEO a heads up that there are much much much cheaper options out there than Turner's (this actually applies to most SoCal retailers actually). No, I don't want to see Turner's go away and I'm not going to start telling people to turn away (unless someone asks what I think about them) but I definitely agree with quite a few of these threads that customer service at some of these stores are hit and miss.

After I complete my shotgun transaction (short of any compelling sale) I don't plan on returning to Turner's ever again. I suppose the good news is the less I buy there the more for ya'll.
I wonder is these complaints have to do with them selling? A Corp owns them now. Sometimes its all about the numbers after a purchase.

Yes, its a hit and miss and their is better out there.
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