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Originally Posted by Jyruiz View Post
I am happy with Turners in Norwalk, they have treated me well on all 3 of my rifle purchases. Same goes for the two co workers I referred and purchased several guns now. One does wish their layaway was longer though.
I generally visit the signal hill location, and have always had good (if not slow) service there. The reason it's slow from my experience is that they ACTUALLY DO take the time to answer everyones questions...and the customers ask too many dang questions! lol. I recently made a purchase at the norwalk location, and was even more pleased witrh their service! Nothing bad about turners here. Just be patient and you'll get your time.

I dont care what they pay. I dont care about comission. I DO wish they had more counter people and a better computer system. Their prices are fair, if you want better, keep looking its out there. I will keep going until they do me wrong, like any place else.
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