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Corona Turners are good to go. Did a 20 min ppt and picked up a Ruger 10/22 for my boy. Also had a friend pick up a glock at sale price and then two days later Glocktoberfest. Larry gave my buddy the difference And he also got a S&W MP15 Sport. I treat the guys with respect and courtesy and they give back. Go in pissing on the floor and you get the same in return. These guys never push a particular spiffed product. Actually they try to push the whole rack on me. But most of the time I browse and try to decide what I can get away with. I am not going to lie and say I never had a bad experience. But just remember, these guys are trying to make a living just like you and I. They make mistakes and maybe have at a time spread FUD. But keep pushing and pissin and moaning and pretty soon you won't be able to buy guns. I prefer to keep the few FFL's we have open and running.

But what Yugo said hit it on the head, do your research. Find a gun you like and if they have it for the price you want get it. If not, don't take a ticket and keep it to yourself. I like Turners being 5 minutes from my house.
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