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For the most part I could give 2 rats a**ses about there employees or there attitudes, if the store has something I want for the price I want it for then I will buy there if not I wont simple as that!

I just feel bad for the people that DONT do there own research and expect employees of a chain store to direct them into making a choice that they should have researched them selves.

Furthermore, if Turners wants to pay there employees one way or another is there business not mine.

They are not the only players in town. 90% of the items sold there are way over priced anyway so I don't know why people shop there in the first place.

Originally Posted by WAMO556 View Post
Voting for Donald Trump is the protest vote against: Keynesian economics, Neocon wars, exporting jobs, open borders, Washington criminal cartel, too big to fail banks and too big to jail pols and banksters.

Cutting off foreign aid to EVERY country and dismantling the police/surveillance state!

Umm yeah!!!!!
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