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Originally Posted by BigDogatPlay View Post
If the range is a business open to the public then it being on private property isn't an issue. If it's a private club open solely for the exclusive, non-public use of members it might be another story.

When you went to the academy it would have been PC 12031(e) and I'm certain it would have been taught in the LD on point. It's now in PC 25850(b). Note the bolded, which I've added for clarity to to your situation. While many, including me, consider it unconstitutional to some degree or another, it's still the law and it's constitutionality is a subject for a different thread.
Oh I'm quite sure it was in one of the 20+ LD's that I took....I just cannot remember which one....

The range was open to the public, albeit private property and in no way exclusive to members only. I'm feeling that I failed the attitude test to some degree....If I have an oppotunity to meet with that Deputy again I'll let him know I was out of line! I'm not above apologizing for shennanigans.
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