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Originally Posted by Divernhunter View Post
Question Maidendeth13----How can you not like the Leupold warr. There is none better. You do not have to have a reciept/be the first or 5th owner and it is no questions asked repair or replacement.

Or did I misundersatnd your post?

OP----The Leupold is an excellent choice as I stated before. I have leupolds on all my serious hunting rifles/pistols(over 20) and some have seen real abuse. They all work perfectly and with good mounts I have never needed to adjust them year to year shooting same handloads.
Vortex's warranty is the same. Never had to use either yet. I knew Leupold's was lifetime, never looked up to see it was also transferable. Hopefully I never have to use it though!

One other thing I forgot about that I didn't like on my VX-2 was the friction adjustments... I like the clicks for some reason.

My newest scope is a Leupold btw
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