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While not disagreeing with the OP, as I have no knowledge of their compensation policies, this does explain some of the experiences I've had, both good and not so good at this establishment. I regularly go there for supplies - targets, some low volume ammo some cleaning supplies - and I'm sure they are profiting off me very well, and will continue to do so when I need something that instant. I am pleased that they are around and hope they stay around.

Since they have 14 stores ( per the web) they clearly know how to run a business in this competitive landscape - bravo to them. What I wonder is how they are responding and positioning themselves to their competition.

Online ammo sales - I recently gave them the opportunity to come down on price on ammunition they didn't need to match but 5% off when the online was 20% cheaper without sales tax was not acceptable.

Small high service establishments without the overhead of 14 stores -
I've made most of my purchases though smaller high service FFL's - I've possibly paid more on average maybe $100 per purchase - but then I've gotten answers to all my questions via phone or e-mail and recommendations on solutions to issues I've had. The establishment I've dealt with as well does custom orders no problem.

Online retailers like Cabelas and Amazon... when I anticipate the need I can order and save significant amounts, as an example I wanted to try a bore snake - none in stock in my caliber at the store - online retailer in stock shipped two days and 8 dollars cheaper per snake.
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