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Originally Posted by alpine600 View Post
Thanks defcon

Difficulty from 1-10: 5.5

The bothersome part was shaving away the internal walls so that the reciever and the mag well would fit. It was hard trying to figure out which one to shave or not to shave. I had to eyeball it, like you said, since there isn't much of a write up. I still have to cut a trough so the bolt can slide back and removed.

Also have to cut a hole for the mag well. Not sure if I want to leave it open or make it tidy and seal around it using epoxy. The ejection port lined up fairly well and clears the stock. I had to cut away some of the stock so that the safety selector can freely move.

Question. How did you support the rear part of the action? As of right now, the front part is stable using the screw from the airsoft. The rear part is just free floating.

the AICS stock that i have is from WELLS G96 gas. i havent touched it yet and was planning to put a tube fed Marlin XT-22

i did use my Savage MKII on a Blaser LRS1 and reused the 2 action screws. the one near the magazine i just used an aluminum strip and bolted it to the side of the body. the barrel is free floating right now but would like to bed it with aluminum and epoxy

i did have issues with the safety/fire selector. sometimes it would lock the trigger even though i have the selector set to fire. i think part of the internal stock was blocking it. but its fixed now.

you can weld or JB weld a block with a hole in it underneath the rear action and bolt it on to the AICS stock.

or maybe use an aluminum strip and JB weld it to the rear action and bolt it to the stock.

there's various ways you can do it. just think of creating brackets or a cube with a hole so you can mount it to something. kinda like using retaining pins. it has to go through something.
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