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Originally Posted by just_right44 View Post
Thanks for the replies.
Yes I do have a hunting license.
I have a hunting map from Bass Pro shop that says where the hunting areas are, but I don't recall if it says which guns are/aren't allowed in certain areas. I'll have to check.
What about parking passes, do I need to get one of them? If so, are they strict if I didn't have one on the car while out hunting?
Yes, you need to check the map published by the San Bernardino Commission on fish and game. It depicts where exactly you can shoot/hunt and with what (ie. shotgun only, rifle, etc...) Do your homework, dont rely on someone's opinion here on the internet. You're responsible for your own actions regarding where you can LEGALLY hunt and with what firearm.

"Adventure pass." Yes, you need it in the San Bernardino Nat'l forest up around Cajon Pass. Yes, you will get a ticket if you're vehicle is caught parked within the forest boundaries and you're out hunting and you don't have that "pass" displayed on your vehicle. The "Land Nazis" have ensured that us "subjects" pay a "parking tax" while enjoying our "public lands."

Final note..... The Cajon pass area is really not a good spot for hunting rabbits and such. I've been hiking there for years and always bring a little .410 or 28ga shotgun during the seasons. I rarely get any good cotton tail hunting throughout that area. Kern County is way better. Just my opinion.

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