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Originally Posted by castelle View Post
This was all on a PRIVATELY ownd range in San Joaquin county. I got the impression the deputy was looking for something that just 'wasn't me' - maybe other people on the range had high caps. I still don't understand though what the PC is to stop me to check a locked case for transport compliance when I wasn't driving. Surely LE cannot come onto private property for that?? I get being in a car - on a public highway or indeed on public shooting ranges but 'transportation compliance' seems a stretch....

Don't get me wrong, I may have acted less than favorably - indeed I may even have failed the attitude test that day but I have nothing but respect for LEO 24/7 - I myself am an academy graduate from only a few years ago so I understand a little of the law (very little)

Thanks for the input guys.....keep it coming!
If the shooting range is open for business to the public, it doesn't matter if it is privately owned. Sorry :-(

P.S. The way you felt is understandable, especially since you are unfamiliar with the laws.

"If you expect logic associated with California law, it will only make your head hurt.." - Ron-Solo, 2013

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