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Here's a really good video on general CCW, but it has an EXCELLENT section on what to do if you're carrying and attacked outside your car, maybe in a parking lot.

The parking lot scenario starts at around minute 3:30.

What immediately struck me was this: People are shown fighting back with their hands at first, if the attacker is that close, then draw and prepare to shoot. Well yes, the BG isn't going to expect you to slug him and will be thrown off for a beat, and you can have an instant to draw. And it wouldn't have occurred to me to fight back with my hands instantly.

It's the old thing about BG's not expecting women to fight back. But I still think it's true that the best defense is a good offense.

Watch the video. You can see how the simulated BG seem to be startled by the women taking a swing at him, and not so much by the men.

We tend to park closest to the door of a building, and everyone else does too, so you never have any space around your car to see what's going on. Maybe not the best tactics.

Trust me, I'll be doing it.
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