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Originally Posted by movie zombie View Post
yes, i've done several tests....but redid it....and once again, i'm left eye dominant and right handed.....but my left eye gets more correction with prescription glasses.

i have doubts that the bad guy is going to wait when i say "halt, i need to get my glasses and then we can proceed with your attack."

i need to be able to shoot w/o my glasses and accurately however which way i make it happen.
I'm the same way, that is left eye dominant and right handed. Never had a problem.

My approach:
1) Focus on the target (probably mostly with left eye)
2) Point the gun at the target (both eyes open, gun in right hand, aim mostly with right eye)
3) Allow the sights to remain somewhat fuzzy, don't focus on them directly (just be aware of where they are)
4) Fire

Bad guy goes down every time. (Of course I'm just shooting at steel...)
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