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Zombie, I'm sure you're getting good advice from your teachers, but in your position, I'd try to learn to shoot right-handed right-eyed. I say this because I think its more important to see the target well, than to use your dominant eye. Assuming you're willing to close one eye.

Easy for me to say: I'm left handed and right eyed and shoot righty, but switching to left hand or left eye doesn't seem to make a big difference. I practice all four combinations, with a handgun.

One of my mentors told me "You don't always have good cover on your left side. Learn to shoot with both hands and both eyes. You may not be perfect with your off-hand or or off-eye, but you don't always get to pick your shot."

Lots of lefties are ambidextrous to some degree. I shoot different grouping shapes with each combination, how weird. But as long as I hit the target well, I don't care.
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