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Default Quick question on 'searches' to our friends in LE

Hey guys, I was at a range in Norcal and just finished up shooting my glock and AR (both legal in every way) when the local sheriffs deputy came in and proceeded to perform checks on those who may have had high capacity magazines. I was all packed up into my pelican case and literally leaving and he stopped me to check my weapons. I very politely (I really like our law enforcement folks) declined as I had received a message to go home to handle AC failure at home. He basically threatened me with some form of detainment and repeated his need/desire/want to check my gear. I simply sidestepped him and walked out. End of contact.

Now, this literally is the exact course of events and for the most part I'll comply with a reasonable request from LEO but in this instance I felt criminalized for no good reason. I even called the watch commander and mentioned that the deputy seemed out of line.

I guess, my question is - could I have handled it better, could the deputy?? Do we generally feel allowing a consent search is 'easier' than entering a verbal debate over rights especially considering everything was 100% CA approved??

Thanks for you're input guys.....
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