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Default The truth about Turner's.

A little background. I've lived in the Southern California region since my family moved here from the midwest in 1982. I've shopped at Turner's since about 92'.

I've been good friends with many employees from several stores.

My point isn't to jump on the hate-Turner's-bandwagon but to simply inform the public of Turner's practices. If anything I say here is not true I invite whoever responds for Turner's to respond publicly here.

Some things that bother me...and should you too:

Spiff. Turner's does not pay it's employees commission. Instead they pay them spiffs. Industry wide, spiffs are known as the shady little brother of commission. Here's why. When I go into a store I'm fine knowing that an employee will get a small amount of his/her sale on whatever item I choose to buy (commission). However, at Turner's. Employees are only paid spiff on certain items. So in turn, you get employees that push certain items not because they are the best, or even suit your need, but because there's money behind it. Employees should be paid commission so as to ethically guide consumers toward the best choice of product and still be rewarded for there sale.

Second to that is pay. Generally speaking, most employees are making minimum wage. Turner's will NEVER reach another level of this industry doing this. I implore you to go to an In-N-Out burger and find unhappy employees and poor service. You won't. Why? Because they start employees off at $10/hr. They value their employees and understand that they are the backbone of the organization. Turner's pays most employees $8.50 and then expects them to push spiffed product to make more money.

Attitude. Generally speaking, Turner's is still filled with know-it-all, I'm too good to help you attitudes. Over the years like I've mentioned earlier I've made many lifelong friends of Turner's employees, but the majority are still the typical firearms employee of Turner's. Yes there are a few exceptions worth mentioning at the moment: Brian at Orange, the young guy with glasses at Signal Hill, a few of the guys at Norwalk, most of the Huntington Beach crew.

Inconsistency: Back to In-n-Out. You expect the same quality from store to store. Even on the off menu stuff. I took three months to pay off a very expensive shotgun at the orange store in November of 2011. Everyone there was very accommodating about it. However, when I was in HB last week, I was told i'd only be given 30 days on a layaway. We want the same menu and same service at every store.

Turner's is the Walmart of the firearms industry. They damage the sales of mom and pops, while providing cheaper prices and crappy service. Forget about the $20 or so you'll save at Turner's and try to price-match elsewhere. Somewhere a little more ethical, a little more in tune with the industry and that cares a little more about it's employees.

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