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Originally Posted by nicoman View Post
I cut down a Remington 870 wood stock to make a birdshead grip, now I'm not sure how to mount it. The bolt it came with is way to long and since cutting the stock the hole in the grip for the screw is to small for the washer to go into. I'll get some pictures of it up soon. Anyone have any ideas how to go about mounting to the receiver?
Counterbore the stock to fit the washer and an allen bolt of the correct length...or maybe countersink the hole to take a flathead allen?

ETA...Cancel the flathead idea...too much chance to split the grip if tightened too much.

You could also get a piece of threaded rod to fit the gun, countersink the stock, and use a black-finished acorn nut for attachment...

Pics of the finished grip would be super


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