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Responses in Red

1. I see that the outbreak range allows for weapons other than firearms. Are there any limits to this?
If it's not allowed in CA or at Burro then it's a No go. What did you have in mind?

2. Also in regards to the outbreak range, are the zombie targets provided? Or do we have to provide our own?
Targets on the outbreak range will be provided.

3. Also in regards to the outbreak range, your safety rule states all shooters that walk forward of the shooting line must wear a reflective safety vest, does this apply for the outbreak range or is it limited to the regular range?
Reflective safety vest is for the regular range. Not needed on the outbreak range. A Safety RSO will be following behind you as you work your way down the course on the outbreak range.

4. Finally, I have a lot of people interested in going that are new to shooting sports. I wanted to make sure that this event can cater to new shooters, including the use of the outbreak range.
Yes new shooters are welcome. If they can safely handle a firearm and pay for the outbreak range they are welcome to try it.

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