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Originally Posted by AbsoluteTruth View Post
Yeah but did the Rguns uppers have problems with steel cased ammo when you shot them? I need something that is going to shoot steel. it just seems there are other manufacturers that have products with less problems. I want an AR 15 that will shoot more than 200 rounds with steel before getting a jam. Its a hard decision because everywhere I go I see bad things spoken of regarding Rguns. I've been looking at and most people there are saying Rguns are not worth it....
no , all of them worked fine..... you've got to remember , most AR companies are nothing more than Ar assemblers... they buy batches of parts from different manufactureres or have them built to their spec and then assemble them into a functioning rifle.....
I only use the zinc coated steel case silverbear , back in the day I went through 1000 rounds of wolf laquer coated with zero problems.... GREASE the bolt and OIL the gas rings............ Guns and mechanical items love grease and oil.....

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