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Originally Posted by torquefliteterror View Post
This wasn't posted to persuade you to return it. I posted it to prove that even nato spec ammo can be defective...

I have assembled rifles using rguns upper assemblies and put together some pistols for a friend using their stuff. I have no complaints. I would keep it if i were you.

Although, the S&w mp sport is probably the best deal on the market from a known manufacuter.

Warranties don't mean crap in Shtf scenario. If you're that worried, buy extra parts to service your gun..... lpk's, bolt parts kits ,,, you know, the parts that may fail.

over the past 20 years , I have exclusivly used steel case ammo in all my armalite pattern guns... grease and lube is the secret...........
Yeah but did the Rguns uppers have problems with steel cased ammo when you shot them? I need something that is going to shoot steel. it just seems there are other manufacturers that have products with less problems. I want an AR 15 that will shoot more than 200 rounds with steel before getting a jam. Its a hard decision because everywhere I go I see bad things spoken of regarding Rguns. I've been looking at and most people there are saying Rguns are not worth it....
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