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Originally Posted by Mesa Tactical View Post
Now there's something I've been wondering about: how do guys get past the stigma of shooting their centerfire rifles at 25 and 50 yards? I've been seeing more and more of it and it's got me scratching my head.
I don't think they feel that there is a stigma since there's so many of them doing it. I hadn't been to Chabot for a while and was shocked to see they had more 50 yard tables now, all full of people shooting AR/AK/.308's, etc.

Personally I don't care, since it means the 100 yard line is less crowded. Unless I want to sight something in at a shorter distance then the wait can get annoying.

Took a noob with me to the range a few days ago and started him off at 100 yards and he was shooting smaller groups that most of the people at 50. It probably helps that I(at least I think I do) have a vague idea of what I'm doing and how to explain things. A lot of people that go to the range, not so much.

Most people don't know about appleseed, and a lot of other classes appear to be expensive(although wasting $500 in 5.56 shooting 6" groups at 50 yards is more expensive than any class I've ever heard of). There are also a lot of folks who know people like themselves who are "into guns" and actually shooting, but they don't know anyone with any experience that can give them some basic advice. Some folks just want to make a bunch of noise(you find the occasional thread in the rimfire section about wanting a .22lr pistol or rifle with more recoil because everything seems too wimpy) and don't care as long as they hit the huge sheet of paper.

Heck, I've seen people at ranges with shotguns just shredding paper with round after round of bird shot for no reason other than the sake of doing it. But if that's what they want to do, I really don't care.
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