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Default LOC document post AB144

Mudcamper posted this great document regarding LOC in a NF pre-AB144, which he states is now outdated due to the new law.

- Since I am always open carrying in the NF, I carry the WARNING! Outdated pre-AB144 information. Good for long guns only, not handguns.
Can anyone direct me to a similar updated post-AB144 document, or tell me what is wrong with the old one. I am coming back into the state and going backpacking in the Ventana Wilderness in the Los padres national forest for a week and want to bring a handgun with me, no rifles.

I have LOC in the Angeles National Forest, San Bernadino National Forest, Cleveland National Forest, and Sequoia National Forest without any problems but this was pre AB144 and not in a wilderness area.

I have read through this post
but when I call to verify with the Forest Ranger, DFG and Monterey Sherriff they all say that they don't know and it would be better not to bring a gun.

I would like to bring some documents with me to show to an officer if I get stopped.


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