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Originally Posted by chead View Post
OP, beware: Everyone on Calguns is under pyramid illuminati Obama alien mind control. Buy gold and ammo.
Just make sure you don't buy steel ammo.

Better yet - buy GOLD AMMO! My extensive research indicates that it will shoot reliably out of any gun except for ugly guns and those without forward assists. BUT WHO WANTS A GUN LIKE THAT ANYWAY?

When the federal reserve bank finally gets the multi chip brain implant credit card audiovisual feed tracking device installed you're going to have 5 days before the cities burn and guess what? Ugly guns don't like smoke. Sure, they may shoot steel, but when you're trying to get back in the fight after you get an FTF because the goddamned Illuminatiens snuck a steel round in your case of ammo, you'll be damn glad that the Probama nun abortionist rioters are so flipping awestruck by your tacced-out $600 AR 15 that you'll earn precious seconds to activate your forward assist and execute a perfect El Presidente on that beeyotch.

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