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Originally Posted by drider View Post
bobshouse, you work in the correctional facilities yourself?
Yes, but Im doing much better now that Im retired. Worked at the US Penitentiary in Lompoc.

When I went to look for jobs in the Federal Building in Seattle there were 1000's of announcements on the board. A guy walked by and asked me if I worked for the federal government...I said no, and he politely pointed me to the other bulletin board across the had two or three announcements posted, one was for a correctional officer in Lompoc.

Its hard to get into the Federal Government, but once your in, your career paths are unlimited if you willing to relocate. I had the full intention of obtaining a job with the Federal Bureau of Prisons to get my foot in the door, and transfer to another agency afterwards. Most jobs are announced "internally" (as in the 1000 announcements in the Federal Building), or to current government employees, before they are announced "externally" to civilians.

I didn't do the entire 27 years as a hack, moved around into various career paths within the BOP and retired as a GS12.

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