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Originally Posted by CXR89 View Post
Hey guys. So I made a thread a few days ago about taking the written exam for LA County Sheriffs (thanks to any one who responded, much appreciated). Any how, I was speaking to an applicant who was in the academy but had to drop out due to being injured I believe. Any ways we were talking an we somehow came to talk about the health requirements. One of the tests I hear has to do with testing your color vision. I actually am color deficient as I can barely do any of the tests in the following link
or do this color tests as well

I was going to apply for CBP a few weeks ago but decided not to when I saw that one of the requirements was to have normal color vision. Do all depts. do these tests? If so, I may have to reconsider my career path If so its not the end of the world but hey what can I do

Unfortunately, color blindness may DQ you from LASD if you are applying for the Deputy Sheriff position. However, if you are open to it, go through with the hiring process anyways. If they assign you a background investigator and they get your background check going, the worse that can happen is they DQ you from entering the academy. However, they may offer you another position on the department such as "Law Enforcement Technician" (LET) or "Custody Assistant" (CA). They make pretty damn descent money and they get excellent benefits as well as retirement. Getting the process going and sticking with it with it shows a willingness and tenacity they like to see.

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