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Default Color Deficient = No go with a LE career?

Hey guys. So I made a thread a few days ago about taking the written exam for LA County Sheriffs (thanks to any one who responded, much appreciated). Any how, I was speaking to an applicant who was in the academy but had to drop out due to being injured I believe. Any ways we were talking an we somehow came to talk about the health requirements. One of the tests I hear has to do with testing your color vision. I actually am color deficient as I can barely do any of the tests in the following link
or do this color tests as well

I was going to apply for CBP a few weeks ago but decided not to when I saw that one of the requirements was to have normal color vision. Do all depts. do these tests? If so, I may have to reconsider my career path If so its not the end of the world but hey what can I do
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