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Originally Posted by Eat Dirt View Post
And our special Guest :: Sean Casey !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Well shoot if I am going to be called a special guest I need to raise my rates for making appearences! lol

Next show we should throw up a Mag Magnet "Felony tracker' on the forum, and every time their booth commits a felony we post to it. In the short time I was there I think I counted no less than individual 30 felonies alone.

Watching someone get arrested in the parking lot when I arrived was pretty entertaining as well. I believe he was attempting to gain entry into vehicles other than his own and got caught.

I was a very busy show during the time I was there and booth workers were doing a great job.

Ron, do you think you might be able to get a recording of your interview and if the station would allow us to use some of it? I have an idea...
-Sean Casey
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