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Those who want to make you feel "less than a man" for shooting .22 probably drive those high riding trucks and shoot .45 and .308 in order to compensate for other personal shortcomings. Not to say shooting 45 and .308 means you have shortcomings! Let's see, if I shoot my 12ga. it is about .28 per trigger pull. My .308 will cost me almost four times that! I love my .357 but it is costing about .30 per bang. I have not shot the 7.62 for sometime now due to the ban at my local range on steel core ammo. Out comes the 10/22 or my 22/45 and my costs go to a bit less than .03 per pop. So when I go up to Burro Canyon, I will take most of my firearms, but guess which ones get the most use? Yep, the ,22s!
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